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Party Planning on a Budget: Guide on Party Equipment

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Organizing a large party (whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or something else) involves a lot of money. Majority of your cost will be allocated on food and drinks, but you will also incur a huge cost on the party equipment. There is no need to buy all of the equipment needed for the party. This is not a practical decision, given that you probably won’t be using these items after the party is done. Thus, renting your equipment from a party hire Perth is a good option. There are several to choose from and can provide supplies ranging from catering, lighting, to sound equipment, and more.

However, here are the most basic supplies that you can rent for a party. For everything else, you can either recycle your existing items or buy them altogether.


This is one of the most basic and functional items you need for a social gathering. You will most probably need several chairs to set up at the party venue. Hence, make sure you rent a lot of chairs from a party hire Perth company. Renting them is more practical than buying because there is more cost involved when you have to buy several chairs at once. In addition, most companies that hire party equipment rental also have several styles of chairs to choose from. Thus, you can pick one that best suits your party theme or décor.


When you have chairs, you need tables as well. This is where your guests will be dining in. The number of tables you need to rent will vary, depending on the number of guests and the table setting. You can also ask your party equipment rental company about possibly matching the tables with the chairs for optimum styling effect. In some cases, you can rent them in a set. Make sure to consider this option as it might be cheaper as compared to renting the tables and chairs separately.


Designing and putting together the décor for a party venue can be highly-stressful. Depending on how simple or extravagant you want to party theme to be, you need to take note of every detail. If you had to buy every single piece of decoration for your party, the cost can easily add up. But if you opt to rent it from a party equipment company, you can use these decorative pieces at a fraction of the price. You can even select from a wide range of themed décor to suit your desired theme for the party that you are planning.

Sound and Lighting

A good sound system and lighting effect can add the finishing touches for your party’s theme. Hence, you need to hire them as part of preparation for the party. Buying the lighting and sound equipment on your own can be highly-expensive. Plus, you will have no use for them outside the party.

For a budget-friendly and stress-free party planning, work with Swan Marquees & Party Hire – the best party hire Perth service provider. The company specializes in all types of party equipment hire and planning so you can host the hottest party in town! If you would like to learn more about the services available from Swan Marquee, visit them online at

Exotic Dishes: 5 Traditional Indian Dishes Everyone Should Try

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Say you’ve finally given in to temptation and decided to sample much-lauded Indian cuisine for the very first time. Good for you! The question is, ‘what should you order?’ This is a common concern among people who have just embarked on a new culinary adventure. You certainly don’t want your first foray in the top Indian restaurants Ferntree Gully has to offer to be unpalatable. That’s where this helpful list comes in. Here are some of the most delectable and quintessential Indian dishes available to tickle your taste buds and pique your interest.

Indian Restaurants Ferntree Gully

Tandoori Chicken

This dish gets its name from the cylindrical clay oven typical of Indian households and Ferntree Gully Indian restaurants. Skinless thighs and legs are slashed to the bone in several places then marinated in a tenderizing mixture of spices, lemon juice, and yogurt though recipes may vary. The meat is then placed on skewers and roasted at high temperatures inside the tandoor. Its fiery red hue comes from Kashmiri red chili powder, red chili powder, or Cayenne pepper.


What many like to call India’s best-kept food secret is the biryani. This spiced meat and rice dish is a staple in Indian restaurants in Ferntree Gully. Ingredients vary according to the type of meat being used and, of course, the cook. However, common condiments and spices used include garlic, tomatoes, ginger, bay leaves, cardamom, nutmeg, ghee, mace, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, mint leaves, onions, saffron, and pepper. Some places offer a meat-free variety to suit vegetarian tastes.

Gulab Jamun

People say this traditional dessert is popular in the Caribbean and in South Asian countries, but it is actually also in demand in Indian restaurants Ferntree Gully Australia. In Indian culture, these delicious treats are often made around the holidays such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali, yet who’s to stop you from enjoying these doughnut-like dumplings at any occasion, right? These deep-fried syrupy milk solids are simply too tempting to say no to.


Ah, the traditional Indian ice cream that comes in various flavors. This frozen dairy dessert has many similarities to the typical ice cream except that it’s a lot creamier and denser. It is traditionally made with flavored and sweetened milk simmered for hours, with almost continuous stirring to prevent the milk from sticking to the bottom of the vessel. The slow cooking ends when the volume of the milk is reduced by half and it attains its distinctive nutty caramelized flavor.

Rogan Josh

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a curry dish and what better example than the classic Rogan Josh. A signature Kashmiri recipe, this dish normally consists of braised lamb chunks cooked with a sauce containing browned shallots or onions, tomatoes, and aromatic spices like cloves and cardamom. One good place where you can order this from is no other than its namesake Indian Rogan Josh, which is one of the best Indian restaurants Ferntree Gully has.

Are you hungry for some Indian cuisine yet? Surely reading this list has you craving for the savory flavors of the above dishes. Just find best Indian restaurants in Ferntree Gully so you can place your order and fully satisfy your taste buds and stomach!

Awesome Tips for Start-up Catering Businesses

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As any budding yet competent corporate catering North Sydney firm, there is some field expertise that you haven’t gone thru yet which makes it hard to prepare for. The problem is the best way to choose the right ones for your particular needs for particular catering events.

Whether it’s a big wedding party or a simple business supper party, professional corporate catering North Sydney experts must be exceptionally organized to effectively cater any type of event. In the hurry to get out and head to the event location, the chances of missing or forgetting vital hardware are high.

And to combat this weakness, here is a lineup of some catering essentials you’ll have to cater to both big and small events that you should never forget on every North Sydney corporate catering event you handle:

Providing Trash Bins

For the catering sector, besides perishables and other ingredients, disposables like garbage bags are often a significant consumable product – from aluminum foil to plastic dinnerware to food pans and others. These disposables are there to make your corporate catering North Sydneyservice easier since it rids of the hassle of washing the utensils and dishes.

Keep the Food Fresh and Cool

The trick to every business for corporate catering in North Sydney on keeping ingredients fresh, clean, and always ready is the refrigeration and storage. You can select from a wide choice of commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers in all sizes at different shops anywhere in your locality. Having said that, when your equipment falls apart, the requirement for a business refrigeration repair service is always there.

Refrigeration Routine Maintenance

When your catering refrigeration system stops functioning caused by problems in the evaporator or condenser, your business procedure will be impacted. Every minute or hour of downtime is money down the drain.

– Work with a business that provides 24-hour, year-round emergency malfunction solution is the very best company associate you can ask for. They will get your refrigeration system functioning and lower recovery time.

– Inadequately maintained refrigeration systems will run inefficiently and have an increased danger of deteriorating eventually. They’re likely to use up to 50% of energy yet work less effectively than they’re supposed to. But, with regular servicing, the Roaming Gourmet systems can save you about 10% on your energy costs.

Tips for Keeping the Catering Area Sanitary

Never again stress and worry over a filthy kitchen and buffet area with these trash disposal tips for event caterers:

– Tag your trash bins according to your distinct trash segregation policies.

– Pick a neutral style or hue of trash cans to match any motif or theme of the catering function you are heading to. It also pays to be tasteful! Check out websites to take a look at more selections for trash cans.

– Be sure to utilize a trash bin with a hood or any covering to keep away insects.

– Look for a trash bin that can be conveniently opened and closed by using the foot.

Check out the best corporate catering North Sydney firms in your locality like for more inspiration on how to attain success with your corporate catering North Sydney start-up business.

The Advantages of Hiring Food Service Providers

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The industry of food business is among the biggest industries in the international market. Diving into the food route when it comes to building up a new venture is not an easy undertaking. There are a handful of factors to consider including budget, establishment location, current food trend and more. While most business’s humble beginnings involve doing everything from scratch, not everyone has the right skills and knowledge when it comes to food production. This is where hiring a traditional food service provider comes in handy.

traditional food service

Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional food distributor is a profitable venture.

Quality food, quality service

Doing business with a professional food company gives you the assurance of only getting quality food products. These professionals got the know-how in creating goods with the finest quality. Moreover, hiring a food service company for your business gives you the assurance of getting professional guidance and help in terms of marketing the products and analyzing current local food trends. Click here The Country Chef Bakery Co.

Worry-free food preparation

Can you afford to disappoint your loyal customers just because their favorite gluten-free bread is currently unavailable? It’s about time you considered selecting from the best sunshine coast food services  One of the biggest advantages of hiring a third-party food manufacturer is constantly having products to stock up on your store shelves.

Great menu variety

Hiring a food company gives you the benefit of choosing from a good variety of menu selections. You can choose which products to order depending on your budget and on current public demand in your area. Having a wide option of food products is also important so that you can cater to the diverse preferences of your customers.

You may also consider teaming up with a gluten free food service as there are customers who prefer healthier options. You may reach out to Country Chef.; a traditional food service company in Australia known for providing a wide array of baked goods selection including gluten-free bread and pastry.

Food safety

Professional food companies have undergone the scrutiny of legal accreditation bodies including food safety and sanitation. Therefore, you get the assurance of only getting clean and safe food products to offer to your clients.

Hiring a reputable food distributor helps protect your customers from purchasing unhygienic food products which may result in unwanted mishaps and can cost your business financially.

Saved time and money

One of the biggest reasons to hire a third-party food company is to save time and cost. From food preparation to product delivery, everything is done and managed by your distributor. This gives you the freedom of having more time to do other significant business tasks such as planning your next marketing strategy.


By teaming up with a traditional food service with proven excellence in providing quality food products, you enjoy the advantage of giving your customers first-rate food experience. Having access to a wide variety of menu selection is the best way to give your customers that wow factor. Check out