Animal charities: Giving hope to animals in need

You have heard the news of animal abuse. It’s so awful, isn’t it? As a human being, you have to do something. You can show your love to animals by donating to the best animal charity in Colombia. Animals deserve not just love, but also care and support. Fortunately, there are people who are behind the strongholds of animal care and rescue.

Animals and their place in the story

Despite what theory of origin of species you believe in, you can agree that animals play a vital role in maintaining balance to an ecosystem.

Humans, being the highest in the hierarchy of living things, cannot live without animals. According to Charles Darwin in his “Origin of Species”, animals have evolved in order to survive. Their survival is based on getting away from predators and being successful in reproduction through natural, artificial, or sexual selection. Today, some animals are more than just living, they are suffering. Why are some animals are under care inside the best animal charity in Colombia?

Animals and their place in the story has always been continuous–an important thing in the past, present, and future. From the creation of the world, animals have served well in tending nature, populating the earth, and sacrificing their lives to become food for humans. But today, animal abuse is common on dogs, cats, and other domestic animals. Millions of farm animals are also being killed in slaughterhouses every day. Animal-based food is the norm, but not in a farm animal sanctuary.

Speaking truth about animals and animal-based food

Animal-based foods are gained by going through great lengths–sometimes by abusing nature and animals. In fact, China has this dog festival wherein they slaughter dogs for food. This is an act that every animal rescue charity would never agree on. Because in animal charities, every life counts.

Here are three reasons why animal-based food is more than what you think:

1. Wasting too much water – Do you know that tons of water is wasted every day because of meat production? According to PETA, 2,400 gallons and more are needed to produce a pound of meat. If this weighted number of water is used for solving drought or for crop production, every drop of water would be worth it.

2. Illegal production – Are you aware of the illegal fishing on some countries? Dynamite fishing, killing of dogs, and shark finning made it to the news headlines, and these issues have alarmed many animal organizations because they are a form of abuse. Some businesses don’t even have a permit to operate and, thus, doing this venture illegally.

3. Animals bred to be killed – With meat, poultry, and seafood production, animals sometimes are artificially selected to breed for the purpose of multiplying and every offspring is killed for food. On the other hand, puppy mill is also “killing” its own breeders, taking away its freedom.

Why support animal charities

In a volunteer animal shelter, veterinarians, animal rescuers, and its associates are working hard to ensure the best care for its rescued animals, and they are rescuing more animals from every form of abuse.

The best animal charity in Colombia values every animal that comes needing aid and a home. To contribute, you can visit this link: