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How You Market Yourselves...

by Adam Eason in Hypnosis Forum · · 25 Replies · View last reply Respond
Adam Eason Administrator
Adam Eason

I have noticed that in recent weeks my Facebook news feed for all the many therapists and hypnosis professionals whose pages I 'like' are filled with similar marketing messages: 

"Did you know that I can help you reuce weight?" 
"Come and see me to stop smoking this new year"
"Get 25% off my fees this January/February"

Yet most of the people who actually 'like' these pages are not clients or really even potential clients - most of the people who 'like' the therapists pages are other therapists or friends who already know what they are being told. 

There are a couple of fundamental errors in doing this kind of "shouting out" of what you do all the time, almost like a social media market trader. 

1. It is uninspiring. The imagination is not being engaged in the slightest.  

2. It does not give actual clients any WIIFM - what's in it for me? There are no benefits stated. How about writing about the benefits of the approach, giving examples. 

3. It is not engaging the potential client or developing any kind of relationship with them. 

4. No real, tangible value is added by the therapist. As much as I loathed BNI, the notion they extoll upon us of "givers gain" really does work. Give value, give of yourself, give stuff/time/resource/advice/help that will be valued by the potential client. 

Believe me when I say this... Simply yelling out what you do over and over again will not build your business - in fact, it may even harm it. There are better ways of showing the world what you do and more sophisticated ways that require a bit more thought that will reap the rewards. 

At least punctuate your messages with the stuff of value and inspiration and benefit. 

I am turning away clients left, right and centre at the moment, because I cannot see them for 9 weeks due to the stuff happening in my life and because I have too many of them. Do you see me promoting what I do in any shape or form online other than my web page? (in relation to clients seeing me, that is) 

No, you don't. Because I offer value, I inspire the imagination in other ways. I engage my audience who refer people to me - many of whom do not know me or my reputation.  (I know lots of people who say "it's easy for you, you are well-known..." In a whiney, whingey voice... Yet I still need to carry on and I had to start it in the first place and build) 

So let's discuss this... 
What are your thoughts? How could you frame your messages, what other avenues can you explore? What is somethng you are doing differently?  When you see those that are striving to do well and those that are really succeeding, what are they doing? What are they saying, what initiatives are they engaging in? 

Lets draw up some ideas, thoughts and inspiration between us and freshen up the approach a bit in comparison to that wad of stuff being ploiferated out there,shall we? 


Adam Eason Administrator
Adam Eason

marty, I will respond in more depth soon, but I have a crazy day and can't get back here for much time until tomorrow. Howevuuur.... 

I think you should go back through this post, delete the two numbered points in the latter part of it and replace with the following before reposting: 

1. I think stupid, untrue and unreasonable things about myself. 


Seriously, you are a sausage-head, I'll give you that. You are one of the most handsome, lovely, charming people I have encountered, but you clearly need a slap with a wet fish. 

More soon... And where is everyone else with this thread, answering some of my questions?? 

Lindsay Shepherd Moderator
Lindsay Shepherd

I have a lot to say on this subject - I'll break it down into a few posts. So first Networking and Facebook  & Twitter

I have had a really thriving practice from the first month I qualified. People often say how lucky I am, I say B*******s to that, I'm lucky because I work really realy hard to get clients. I have a website which in the early days got me a lot of clients, it still does though nowdays most of my clients are thorough recommendation. 

In my early days, I spent most of my time networking, now I just spend a lot of time networking. Formal business groups, social groups, anywhere where people gather really. I tell everyone I meet what I do. Networking works if you do it well. 

Now, the thing is, while people are generally quite interested in what you do, they are far more interested in telling you what THEY do. So you use that! Ask how you help them? i usually ask to meet for a coffee away from the network event and get to know that person. What are they looking for? If you know someone who will benefit from that persons services, then introduce them. If you don't yet know someone, then take a card and say you'll keep an eye out and pass it on when you can. It's all about what you can do for them. Of course if I don't think they are much cop at what they do I won't pass it on, but so far that's not happened!

You can't expect referrals from people who don't know anything about you, you need to work at it. For those people who canget to out Business Development Meetings in Bournemouth, the 11th March meet is all about effective networking. I met the speakers from networking!

Facebook And Twitter - they are fun, again its all about engageing your audience, it's not about selling. The thing I get irritated by is when people repost content from someone else with no explanation. By all means it you like it and found it interesting, post it. I want to know WHY it was interesting to you? Why should I find it interesting? I also get fed up with a stream of quotes - that's lazy. I enjoy Twitter and Facebook,  I like to engage with some fun stuff. I do put on a link to my blog and I recently posted a video I made, more to bump up my SEO than anything! Again though, the video was about getting to know me. What is key for me though is to develop a relationship. If in the future one of my readers or a friend of one of my readers is looking for a hypnotist, I want my name to be the first one that comes up. By getting out there and showing youself and your personality, people get to know you.

Last year I saw a tweet from a lady who was doing a charity parachute jump, she said how worried she was. It was a local charity so I tweeted back and asked her if I could help as my contribution to the charity. She was delighted and all went well. I got a write up in the charity's newsletter and 5 new clients. That's what I mean about offering something first. 5 clients not much - well they are if they each tell another one, then they each tell another one........

If I sound smug, well I'm not actually sorry! I work my backside off to make my business work - that's what it is, a business first, I am a therapist when I work with my clients, a business woman to get them in the first place.



Lindsay Shepherd Moderator
Lindsay Shepherd

Customer Service

You may have seen a post I put in the stream about a client who told me that I was the only  one of 5 Hypnotherapist she contacted who replied. I was 3 weeks before I could fit her in and in that time still no one had replied. I checked and one had indeed closed their business, the other 3 were still working - or not really! I wonder if they complain they don't get clients?


Adam Eason Administrator
Adam Eason

Yes!! Thank you Lindsay, this is absolute GOLD! 

Anyone reading this... look at how Lindsay uses Facebook and Twitter, she never simply yells out a list of what she does, she engages, develops her persona and people love her for it. 

Keith Watson Administrator
Keith Watson

Only this morning I was doing some pruning out of my Google+ circles so it is strange that Adam should write this today.  I have been really working on my Google+ account as I think it is going to be incredibly important for marketers. ( I have just started to make some videos about Google+ for the mentoring area of the membership site)

What I was doing was removing people from my hypnosis circle who did nothing but place ad after ad in their Google+ feeds.  Who wants to sign up to follow someone who sends out nothing but ads.  What do you want to see in a gardening magazine - the content of course - and because you are in a specialist magazine you are then likely to be interested in any ads which are pertinent to that topic.  The important point though is that you didn't buy the magazine for the ads.

Hypnotherapists I am sorry to say really do seem to be bad at this as Adam points out.  Just be yourself out in that social media world - and discuss things that interest you outside of your work and surround yourself with people who gravitate towards you because of who you are socially.  There will come a point when naturally your new contacts will find out what you do for a living and they are much more likely to respond.

As most of you will know I have been involved with Adam's marketing for a long time now.  What I was particularly delighted about was Adam's passion for running.  This meant that we could have a website that was focused not on hypnosis but more on the running.  Then we could attract runners.  Now it is incredibly easy to go out on social media and discover runners - this makes our marketing much easier.  This is partly why I am loving Google+ as I am building very easily a list of runners.  Then guess what - we will let those runners know about some of the Articles Adam is writing on his blog.   As people are attracted to articles by Adam about his running routines - there will be a portion of those runners who will not have considered that hypnosis might help the mental approach to their sport.  Oh and they will discover that there are other areas of their life that Adam may be able to help them with.

Have you got other strings to your bow?  Are there things that you are passionate about that may draw people to you long before they find out you are a hypnotherapist?  When Adam first came to BNI where I met him - I genuinely liked the guy before I realised what he did.  Once I knew him I became intrigued by all this hypnotherapy stuff. I knew nothing about it and that made Adam a curiosity as such. 

Believe me - social media and direct advertising are a no no.  Getting to be known and recognised as someone who is helpful and informative is what it is all about. 

Funnily enough most of you on this hub do act in the very way that you need to out there on the Facebooks, Twitter and Google+ etc  You are usually very helpful and share things - BUT that is predominantly with other hypnotherapists here.  What you need to do is also spend some time being just as helpful, sharing and caring out in the public arenas also where your potential clients exist.

Marty - if not a website then you should at least be active out there on blogger, or the social media where you can build your presence and have a voice. 

I was speaking to a lady last week who had just booked up on one of Adam's seminars.  I asked whether she had met Adam.  Her reply was "No - but that seems very funny to say because I feel I know him very well - having read so much that he has written and hearing so many of his audios" 

Just ask yourself - would you go to a therapist of any kind these days without first getting to know them on the web?  I think not - so it is important to have as much as possible out there to satisfy that need to get to know you before they will trust you.

Helen Johnstone Moderator
Helen Johnstone

Great comments, I have found enthusiasm and friendliness has worked well for me.  Whether it be on facebook or twitter or networking.  As Lindsay has said it is about adding some value.  I have done well through networking formally and informally.  Networking formally is tricky when it comes to direct clients.  To have a business relationship and client/therapist one can not always be easy, but the relationships I have gained; business relationships have been great.  I teamed up with a lovely personal trainer to offer a package for weightloss.  This means that she has added my details to her website, talks about me to her many clients and refers people on to me.  I have made a business relationship with a Style Coach; we have a package that she can offer to her clients, again she is spreading the word about me.  She rang me yesterday to say that she was doing a mailing for Mother's Day and wondered if I could offer something for her clients.  I designed a 30 for £30, a relaxing hypnotherapy session (30 mins for 30quid). She is doing all the work and I may get some peole through the door.  It has been good with these 2 partnerships as they are both seeing clients at the £30 per session mark.  It seems that many people quite happily spend this sort of money or give a gift voucher, whereas my prices are higher.  They get a larger quanitiy of people in the door and they are happy to promote me alongside their businesses.  It's the sphere of competence thing too.  We refer between us.  I have also gained a great relationship with a nutirionist and she will refer.  When I ask for a GPs permisssion to treat a client (for various reasons) I always send them a final report (with client permission) to tell them of the progress.  This advertises my professionalism to the GP and reminds them of who I am.  I have since had GP private referrals. Wherever you go, speak about what you do.  I had a client come to be via a lady that had done me a manicure (she was a captive audience).  Also, get friendly with your local magazines/ parish magazines.  Often they will provide free advertising and even advertorial.  I have my details with local chemists/pharmacies and post offices.  I am a member of forums (such as IBS and anxiety) and I get involved with sufferers and suggest they may like to have a go at hypno :-)  I spend alot of time getting here there and everywhere :-)

Helen clarke
Helen clarke
I have really struggled to get to grips with the social media aspect of my business in the last two years. Having said that it has not damaged my numbers as I have a constant flow of clients who now all appear via word of mouth. A couple of years ago I went on a 'get clients now' course for my other work and the most important thing I learnt was that use your strengths and work hard in those areas-recognise your weaknesses and delegate the areas you know that you do not have an aptitude for. Now that has worked really well for me in my other work but as there is a cost involved you do need to weigh up this option. Enlightened business people recognise their missing strengths in others and when they join forces it creates a vibrant business. I am only just tipping a toe into the social media arena and its starting to get a little more comfortable but I will be seeking help as I have to make myself do it rather that enjoying it and I don't want to fall into the trap of constantly advertising myself and being boring about it.
Helen clarke
Helen clarke
As a footnote, one thing that has worked extremely well is advertising in school newsletters. The cost is ridiculously low, £5-20 , it gets to a specific audience and if your content is weight loss or child specific therapy the response is great.
Lindsay Shepherd Moderator
Lindsay Shepherd

Walk your Walk - Talk Your Talk!

The downside of social media & networking is how careful you need to be of what you say. How many times have you seen a post on social media saying how fed up, depressed they are or moaning about business? Hardly instills confidence in the person posting does it?  Where ever you are, think about what you say. I was at a network meeting a while ago and someone who has a business helping others develop thier business was saying how crap business was at the moment. Are you going to employ that person?

Likewise, complaining about how busy you are - things are manic, I have to fit in childcare, it's a nightmare, I'm really behind... you know the sort of thing. OK you're busy, again though, would you want to work with someone who is like this. I can give you a real example. I was going ask someone to do a job for me in the summer, as we chatted she told me that she was worried about the year as 'I may have taken on too much', instantly I decided not to ask her to do the work. She may have been able to do it but my confidence in her work had gone.

We have to show confidence, even if we are feeling a bit down. How on earth can we help a client if we can't help ourselves. I don't mean we should lie, just walk our walk, talk the talk. If you need some help, ask, there are enough of us to help each other!


Claire Lincoln Moderator
Claire Lincoln

I'm not actually in business yet as I'm still frantically working on my homework, but I've had an inordinate amount of interest and at the moment I'm kinda hoping they won't get in touch just yet because I need my evenings (I work full time as well). Studying hypnotherapy with Adam has had a profound effect on me personally and as a consequence I am in love with what I'm doing and working towards and I think that shows.  I talk about it to everyone, but not in an effort to get sales, purely because it excites me so much.  Through my talking and gassing about hypnotherapy and the virtues of it I was asked to present at a Wellness Convention for an hour. I was pretty nervous but I loved it, and had two initial consultations, and people after the event wanting my details to get in touch at a later date.  Whether or not I hear from them is another matter.  I think my passion and enthusiasm for my subject is apparent to those that are interested to hear all about it and word of mouth has worked for me. I will certainly receive referrals from some of my case studies once that Qualification Certificate is in my mitts. Not long now.

Richard Ingate
Richard Ingate

What a brilliant thread this is! I am looking forward to learning as much about the business side of things as I can and I can see there is a lot to go through just from this thread.

Annalise Kirk
Annalise Kirk

If you are on Twitter you might want to take a look at @CubeSocial.  They have lots of amazing social media tips.

Lucy Hyde
Lucy Hyde

I'm no stranger to having my own business, to marketing etc, but if there's one thing I've learned, it's that if you want to know how to do something properly and get great results, ask the most successful person in that area that you can find, and most importantly, actively follow their advice.

I had a consultation with Lindsay to help me with regard to hypnotherapy business marketing, and it taught me incredible amounts (it's not just hype - she really is that fantastic). I can't wait to put her advice in action the moment I qualify (I'm getting started on a lot of her recommendations already) and I am very confident indeed this will work well for me as she distilled a successful practical model for marketing that I can see works very well for people who get off their bums and really go for it!


Lindsay Shepherd Moderator
Lindsay Shepherd
Blushing now Lucy! Thank you.
Lucy Hyde
Lucy Hyde

Lindsay I'm just buttering you up for another consultation soon lol x