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Science of Self-Hypnosis Literature Review Lecture

Science of Self-Hypnosis Literature Review Lecture

Location: Marsham Court Hotel -
Start time: 20 December 2017, 17.00
End time: 20 December 2017, 18.30
Description: IMPORTANT: This event is now full to capacity and we can accept no more bookings for it. PM me if you'd like to go on the waiting list.

ADDITION TO ORIGINAL POST: this lecture will be held in the Lulworth suite at the hotel with it's lovely sea view as the event coincides with Christmas - the room has a smaller capacity than we usually have for these types of events, so we have a maximum number of spaces of 30 available for this - I have quite a few people who have booked spaces privately and not here on the hub. So please book yourself in sooner rather than later.


I have mentioned to a great many people, with great pride I hasten to add, that my ongoing research is about to be published in peer reviewed journals, that I have been meeting with world renowned researchers and academics and as a result, I have been asked to present a lecture at the Royal Society of Medicine’s annual David Waxman memorial event in December this year.

One of the things about the Royal Society of Medicine is that they do not believe hypnosis or therapeutic hypnosis skills should be taught to non-medical professionals. That is, they will not teach hypnotherapy to anyone other than doctors, nurses, dentists etc. Therefore, I am offering the same lecture here in Bournemouth prior to our Christmas party too.

For those that are interested in the theory, my research findings, and what the major depth of self-hypnosis research says about the ‘best practice’ of self-hypnosis, I am offering a full academic presentation and lecture, virtually free (a nominal fee of £3.50 to cover room hire cost) to hypnotherapists, psychologists and those with an active interest, sharing my consultations with prominent researchers and academics as well as unearthing many seemingly controversial notions regarding self-hypnosis. This will be held on December the 20th, 2017 at 5pm-6.30pm, and here is an excerpt of the abstract to whet your appetite for now:

The notion of ‘self-hypnosis’ is ubiquitous in the hypnosis literature, but whilst the definition is itself clear enough (inducing oneself into the hypnosis process), there is little consistency in methods used to produce it. For example, many permit the use of audio tapes of other voices inducing hypnosis. Whilst no one else is physically present in the room, the process is effectively indistinguishable from hetero-hypnosis (hypnosis by another person). Indeed, many researchers hold that self-hypnosis and hetero-hypnosis are in fact the same thing. This might however be in large part to the mixed approach to establishing self-hypnosis methodologically. The notion that self-hypnosis exists is theoretically important, since the notion of self-hypnosis is a direct challenge to dissociation theories of hypnosis (Kirsch & Lynn, 1998). Here we will discuss the history of self-hypnosis, systematically review key studies in the self-hypnosis literature, whilst highlighting methodological differences between studies, compare self- and hetero-hypnosis, discuss the benefits of self-hypnosis, compare self-hypnosis to other related forms of treatment such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Meditation, and finally present a research-informed “best-practice” model that can be used to enhance the benefits of self-hypnosis.

This lecture will have no practical content, it is one for theoreticians and super hypnosis geeks. If you are interested in the latest, ground breaking research regarding self-hypnosis, you won’t want to miss this lecture as it is a presentation of the world’s first systematic literature review of the subject and includes the most up-to-date evidence. All present will get copies of the slides and a couple of preparatory PDFs to aid them during the lecture, and again, there will be a nominal fee of £3.50 to cover costs of the room, and that will be it.

The only other people who will have access to this information will be those who buy the peer-reviewed journal articles or those medically trained professionals who attend the Royal Society of Medicine presentation the week before.


1. Please do not state that "maybe" you are attending. Either you are coming or you are not.

2. No payment is required to book yourself into this event. I trust that if you put your name down, you will definitely turn up and pay your £3.50 entry fee on the night. Please do not book into our limited numbers if you are not 100% sure you will be attending, thank you.
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Adam Eason
Adam Eason

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