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Hypno Christmas Party 2017

Hypno Christmas Party 2017

Location: Marsham Court Hotel -
Start time: 20 December 2017, 19.00
End time: 20 December 2017, 23.30
Description: "So here it is.....

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Come and join the hypno fun...."

Come and join the hypno gang for our annual Christmas party. The only place to get your regular dose of dancefloor Christmas shenanigans!

Sometimes being a hypnotherapist can be lonely, so we come in out of the cold to spend some time with our colleagues, friends and fellow hypnotherapists. While friends and family get to go to their 'works do' what do us hypnotherapists go to? This Christmas party of course! For those that do not get a company Christmas party (as with most of us therapists) this is your chance to have a 'work do' and enjoy a Christmas party with friends, colleagues and peers.

On offer is a 3 course Christmas slap-up carvery meal (with vegetarian options) and all the trimmings.

Then we have a disco and shenanigans afterwards for all those wishing to celebrate the festive season in style. My lingering memory of previous year's Christmas parties is the image of 10 hypnotherapists doing a conga around a bucket in the middle of the dance floor, a mannequin challenge, a well rehearsed ABBA number and lots more besides. DJ Dave Osborn of the Gem Roadshow is magnificent, a real favourite of the college who will be serving us up with whatever music we ask for, so be sure to have a list of your favourite dancefloor tunes memorised and of course, we'll have all the Christmas classics!

The college Principal will spend the latter part of the night on the dancefloor and will instigate dancefloor games, though being present on the dancefloor is not obligatory.

The meal and disco is £20.00 as it has been for the previous two years. As is the case with the Christmas party, there will be other groups there too.

Dress Code: Hypnotic (Christmas smart).

PLEASE NOTE: Please only add your name here when you have done the following:

Paid your £20.00 per head into the School's account (or you can call me on 01202 526977 to pay by card):
Lloyds Bank account in the name of Awake Media Productions Ltd
Account number: 03093056
Sort code: 30-96-73

Simply put your own name as reference.

Once you have paid, you add your name here, and you are booked into the numbers; though please add a little note here stating that you are bringing a 'plus one' if you are doing so, thank you. We have limited spaces.

It is the way to celebrate Christmas if you are part of the hypnosis community. Friendships are created, cemented and sometimes broken at this event. We eat, drink, dance and have a lot of fun into the bargain. There aint no party like a hypno party.


1. Please do not state that "maybe" you are attending. Either you are coming or you are not.

2. There will be a geek lecture featuring my Royal Society of Medicine presentation showcasing my Phd research (see this in the events section here: from 5pm to 6.30pm. For anyone wishing to do so, a sort of mini "Geek Drinks" at the bar will happen from 6.3pm onwards to talk hypnosis and get in the festive spirit. Dinner is 7pm for 7.30pm. Please arrive by 7pm.

Disco usually closes at 11.30pm, but we usually manage to get Dave to do a couple of encores by clapping and singing in unison "one more, one more!" over and over until he concedes.
Attending 24
Tom Bugler
Tom Bugler

Hi Adam unfortunately I won’t be able to attend tonight after all my entire household has been struck down with a rather.. ahem.. active stomach bug. I have a hotel room all paid up in the marsham court if anyone wishes to use it they’re welcome to it. Sorry

Adam Eason
Adam Eason

This is the official last call for our Christmas Party - I have to give final numbers to the hotel by tomorrow, Tuesday the 12th of December. If you or any of your friends/colleagues wish to join us, please add yourself here to the numbers or email me.