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Pain - Dan Cleary; hypnosis-weekly

What an interesting afternoon.  I have a patient who has persistent neurogenic pain but, because I wear two hats, I am focusing on nuts and bolts physiotherapy rehab stuff rather than the pain. 

But I was listening to Dan Cleary and Adam on the hypnosis-weekly podcast and Dan was talking about easy-going inductions based on the patient’s feelings.  As it happens I have tried to address the patient’s pain via hypnosis a good few months back but to no avail — their concentration was insufficient to engage… (or perhaps I wasn’t engaging enough).

So, today:  nasty, painful rehab session ahead; patient was dreading it.  Intro, chat, prepare leg for session, then, just cos,  apply Dan Cleary ideas… “tell me about your cat” [patient had no children/ grandchildren but was highly fond of cat (now deceased, but no matter).
Watch patient.
Catch moment of "trance" [whatever it is... I wathched her emotions change and the smile (cos of the cat) and the drifting off....
Catch her:  deepen.
Deepen more.
Work on leg [physio style].  Get leg into Olga Korbut-like positions (wiki Olga if necessary) — not a sausage.  No complaints of pain.
Literally rather impressed.  Given that I've done at least half a dozen sessions of severe distress — patient’s, not mine, I am immured to their pain.  But I was able to work as I needed, without their pain getting in the way.   
No pain.
Cat induction for the win!