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Whether you are a Hypnotherapist or totally new to all things hypnosis - You are welcome here to discover more about this fascinating, often misunderstood field of Hypnosis.. Please begin by letting us know something about yourself in your profile and adding a picture.

We all have problems, habits and behaviours we would love to change and Hypnosis is often the ideal answer. 

We would love to get to know you and hope you will contribute to a safe enjoyable community. 



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Latest Site Activity

Adam Eason

Howdy folks, I am going to be away for the next week so won't be around here at the hub, contact Keith for anything urgent and I'll be be back before you know it. Be good.

by Adam Eason at

Richard Ingate

Having very little success with pain control within self hypnosis. Ihave been trying all the standard ice bucket, control room stuff, but with no luck - defeated every time by the surgical calipers! I supose everyone needs a hobby. How do other people achieve analgesia?

by Richard Ingate

Richard Ingate

Just been watching this by James Tripp. Interesting point around 26m ish when he talks about bringing the so called 'critical faculty' back into awareness to disrupt a negative hypnotic state (am I allowed to say 'state'?). To me this was an interesting perspective on cognitive behavioural approach to hypnosis. Here is the link:

How Hypnosis Works (and the Realms of Hypnosis)

by Richard Ingate

Adam Eason

Feline themed caption contest has gone live... Let's have your best captions please....

by Adam Eason