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Whether you are a Hypnotherapist or totally new to all things hypnosis - You are welcome here to discover more about this fascinating, often misunderstood field of Hypnosis.. Please begin by letting us know something about yourself in your profile and adding a picture.

We all have problems, habits and behaviours we would love to change and Hypnosis is often the ideal answer. 

We would love to get to know you and hope you will contribute to a safe enjoyable community. 



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Latest Site Activity

Deborah Sims

Just to say I hope you all have a thoroughly fabulous time at the Summer Party this weekend. Unfortunately not everyone will be Kung fu fighting as I'm having to sit this one out.....but I will be thinking of you all strutting your funky stuff on the dance floor. Have a good one! Xx

by Deborah Sims at

Adam Eason

New self-hypnosis meme of the week. Self-hypnosis reduces recurrent headaches.

by Adam Eason at

Adam Eason

Spent the morning presenting my research to Professor Irving Kirsch at Bournemouth University. We had lunch and discussed hypnosis nonstop!! I was in heaven. Watching him lecture and having dinner together tonight.

by Adam Eason