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Whether you are a Hypnotherapist or totally new to all things hypnosis - You are welcome here to discover more about this fascinating, often misunderstood field of Hypnosis.. Please begin by letting us know something about yourself in your profile and adding a picture.

We all have problems, habits and behaviours we would love to change and Hypnosis is often the ideal answer. 

We would love to get to know you and hope you will contribute to a safe enjoyable community. 



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Latest Site Activity

Adam Eason

IMPORTANT: I have disabled the ability to sign up as a new member while I am away as it requires me to approve them which I cannot do while away. You may have the odd issue logging in using the login button, so go to a page and login using the automatic pop-up box until I return. Be good!

by Adam Eason

Laura Culley

Hi Angie, I am travelling from Honiton in Devon, so not too bad. Where are you from? Really looking forward to getting started now and meeting all of you lovely people.

by Laura Culley

Angie stewart

Hi Sarah.....I'm starting in October as well. Not long now eh?! Look forward to meeting you :)

by Angie stewart

Angie stewart

Hi Laura! Not long now :) Look forward to meeting you. Are you travelling far?

by Angie stewart

Adam Eason

Evidence based hypnosis meme of the week. Hypnosis used to advance quality of life following heart bypass surgery.

by Adam Eason