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Whether you are a Hypnotherapist or totally new to all things hypnosis - You are welcome here to discover more about this fascinating, often misunderstood field of Hypnosis.. Please begin by letting us know something about yourself in your profile and adding a picture.

We all have problems, habits and behaviours we would love to change and Hypnosis is often the ideal answer. 

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Adam Eason

Evidence-based self-hypnosis meme of the week. Self-hypnosis reduces pain & improves safety in radiological procedures.

by Adam Eason at

Adam Eason

This week's gang and the Hypno Coaching Unicorn.

by Adam Eason

Adam Eason

We have reached the halfway point of this week’s Hypnotic Coaching course here. Here at the Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis we believe that the most successful, credible and impressive therapists and coaches are those whose practical skills are underpinned by a depth and breadth of knowledge and a sound understanding of the subject matter. So following a day filled with theoretical frameworks and models of coaching yesterday (we eclectically imported from cognitive behavioural coaching, gestalt coaching, narrative coaching, solution focused coaching, positive psychology coaching) there is some light relief today as we are developing the fundamental skills required for becoming an effective coach who incorporates hypnosis into what they do.

Got a couple of very exciting days of training and teaching coming up, and I’m really enjoying working with such a positive group of hypnotherapists in this training. Usually service will resume here on our social media output next week.

by Adam Eason

Adam Eason

It's going to be a little bit quiet from me for the next week or so as I am running my Hypnotic Coaching course all of next week. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and I'll be popping in whenever I can.

by Adam Eason

Adam Eason

Welcome to the hub Helen, look forward to meeting you next month.

by Adam Eason

Adam Eason

Evidence based self-hypnosis meme of the week. Do share.

by Adam Eason